Bristol, Maine

A few months back, Coburn, a good friend of ours mentioned that he may have a trailer in Maine that we could head up to and camp at. He told us that it would be available towards the middle of September, so we planned accordingly. I figured this could be an awesome to bond with our current team over at Simply Visual Productions. I also imagined the temperature would be perfect intro to fall weather.

Both of these predictions came true. After returning back from Maine, I have nothing but good things to say. Maine is a beautiful state with a variety of things to photograph. We stayed in Bristol, which is about an hour north of Portland. On our third day of the trip, we decided to take the trek up to Acadia National Park. This was one of my favorite parts of the journey because we saw the true beauty of the mountains. Acadia has some incredible views of the northeastern coastline. We stayed until midnight to capture the stars until the sounds of Coyotes spooked us out of there.

Overall, Maine was a great experience. It was a place where time slowed down and you could really enjoy the moment. This was my first time staying in a trailer park and I’m glad I did it. It reminded me of certain times in my life where things were “easy”.

Hazy Vermont

My team and I recently took a trip up to Rutland Vermont to help our buddy Tom film a wedding. We knew going up in October, that there was a likely chance of seeing some good foliage due to the seasons changing. Tom figured it would be a good idea to get up there early to give us some time to do some droning and filming for our personal selves. It is a much different experience when you are filming for personal work rather than paid work. There is a sense of individual style and self dedication.

On our way up from Tom’s, we checked the forecast for the three days we were going to be up there. Of course, it was supposed to rain the entire time we were there… With that mindset, we realized that we were going to have to switch our minds from foliage to moody. I decided to go with a dark/ moody vibe with my filming and editing.

Overall, the wedding went great and we got some great footage up in Vermont. We faced a lot of fog and mist but in the end we were able to find some openings without rain. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and was able to do some more bonding with the team! (Including a 1am Denny’s run).

Save Me : Official Music Video

This video was created for my brother's latest songs "Save Me", an original track off of his recent album known as "Winter White." Our goal when creating this music video was to convey a sense of sadness within Mike, but ultimately to show that he has pushed through and overcome some of the recent love struggles going on inside his head.

Overall, I am pretty happy about the way the video turned out. It would have been helpful to have a larger crew helping out with the shoot for smaller technical things such as focus pulling, but in the end I think we were able to manage our resources. I was able to get my roommate Ty Poland to help out with the aerials which gave me the ability to focus entirely on ground work. We filmed the video in two sessions at Keansburg beach in NJ during sunset. The second time we returned to Keansburg, the clouds were more apparent and changed the lighting on us pretty drastically. I believe we were able to fix up some of those lighting imbalances in post.

The one thing we joke about to this day is how tight Mike had his hood on for the video. It was surprisingly very cold during these two visits to Keansburg. It was about 35-40 degrees and the closer we got out over the water the heavier the windchill got. You can occasionally see Mike's discomfort while we are shooting due to his hands and face freezing!  

It's All Fun and Games until the Board Breaks...

My buddy Elijah loves to skate so I thought it would be a good idea to do some filming with him. He was ready to go and wanted to make something to promote himself. I hopped on my longboard and brought my one-handed gimbal. He was doing some awesome stuff, landing fluently. After about a half hour of cruising around a few spots, we came across a decent ledge. The ledge was the end of his boards career. 

The fun of Post Production

To me, one of the best parts about photography is knowing that I have the ability to create the image that I am looking for. It is also interesting how exaggerating certain colors can change the image. In these aerial photos, I pulled up the blues while also giving them a lighter/more Caribbean feel. 

Road over water

120 Fps in Sea Bright

It was a light overcast day yesterday here in Long Branch. I decided to take my Drone up the coast to Sea Bright to go for a flight. For this video, I was looking to try out some of the slower motion on my Phantom 4 Pro, specifically in 120 Frames per second. After reviewing the footage, I put together this edit with a light and somewhat emotional vibe. I added in a couple of audio clips to really bring out the ambience of the environment. Hope you enjoy!

Midnight Fog

A wave of haze came through Long Branch a few nights ago. As I went out to my car to grab something, I saw this incredible fog and came to the conclusion that I had to grab my camera to capture it. These shots were taken around 12am, ranging from 6,400 - 12,800 ISO.

Dusting in the Backyard

We got a dusting here in central Jersey this morning. I decided to go out an fly to checkout some of the scenery from above, hoping there would be some nice views. This was my first flight in the snow and I have to say I enjoyed it (aside from my frozen hands). I went with a slightly styled look on my edit, focusing on the orange and blues within the shrubs and snow. 

Howland Gloom

It was a gloomy Saturday on Howland Ave. I figured I would shoot the gloomy conditions and try out some soft tone lut's (color looks). I went with a faded look on this video to give it that empty feeling. I added in the light sound of rain to recreate what I was hearing that day. 

Asbury in Low Light Color Grading Tests

It was a dead night and I didn't have much going on so I decided to head in to Asbury Park to grab some low light shots. I was looking to test out some of the settings so I figured Asbury would give me some landscapes to work with. I ran some color grading tests with my Sony a7sii, using Slog-3. All of the footage was shot at 12800 iso.