It's All Fun and Games until the Board Breaks...

My buddy Elijah loves to skate so I thought it would be a good idea to do some filming with him. He was ready to go and wanted to make something to promote himself. I hopped on my longboard and brought my one-handed gimbal. He was doing some awesome stuff, landing fluently. After about a half hour of cruising around a few spots, we came across a decent ledge. The ledge was the end of his boards career. 

The fun of Post Production

To me, one of the best parts about photography is knowing that I have the ability to create the image that I am looking for. It is also interesting how exaggerating certain colors can change the image. In these aerial photos, I pulled up the blues while also giving them a lighter/more Caribbean feel. 

Road over water

120 Fps in Sea Bright

It was a light overcast day yesterday here in Long Branch. I decided to take my Drone up the coast to Sea Bright to go for a flight. For this video, I was looking to try out some of the slower motion on my Phantom 4 Pro, specifically in 120 Frames per second. After reviewing the footage, I put together this edit with a light and somewhat emotional vibe. I added in a couple of audio clips to really bring out the ambience of the environment. Hope you enjoy!

Midnight Fog

A wave of haze came through Long Branch a few nights ago. As I went out to my car to grab something, I saw this incredible fog and came to the conclusion that I had to grab my camera to capture it. These shots were taken around 12am, ranging from 6,400 - 12,800 ISO.

Dusting in the Backyard

We got a dusting here in central Jersey this morning. I decided to go out an fly to checkout some of the scenery from above, hoping there would be some nice views. This was my first flight in the snow and I have to say I enjoyed it (aside from my frozen hands). I went with a slightly styled look on my edit, focusing on the orange and blues within the shrubs and snow. 

Howland Gloom

It was a gloomy Saturday on Howland Ave. I figured I would shoot the gloomy conditions and try out some soft tone lut's (color looks). I went with a faded look on this video to give it that empty feeling. I added in the light sound of rain to recreate what I was hearing that day. 

Asbury in Low Light Color Grading Tests

It was a dead night and I didn't have much going on so I decided to head in to Asbury Park to grab some low light shots. I was looking to test out some of the settings so I figured Asbury would give me some landscapes to work with. I ran some color grading tests with my Sony a7sii, using Slog-3. All of the footage was shot at 12800 iso.